3.2.4. adapters cnx delete

This command will delete a connection from an adapter on a node. Input feeds

The input to this command as –rows must be from one of these commands:

  • adapters get: Supplying input from this command will delete ALL of the connections for ALL of the adapters returned from this command.
  • adapters cnx get: Supplying input from this command will delete all of the connections that have been returned by the supplied filters.

See also

adapters cnx get for examples of filtering connections using axonshell adapters get | axonshell adapters cnx get. Common Options Help Page axonshell adapters cnx delete

Delete an adapter connection.

axonshell adapters cnx delete [OPTIONS]


-u, --url <url>

URL of Axonius instance. [required]

-k, --key <key>

API Key of user in Axonius instance. [required]

-s, --secret <secret>

API Secret of user in Axonius instance. [required]

-xf, --export-file <export_file>

Export to a file in export-path instead of printing to STDOUT. [default: ]

-xp, --export-path <export_path>

Path to create -xf/–export-file in (default is current working directory).

-xt, --export-format <export_format>

Format to use for STDOUT (or -xf/–export-file if supplied). [default: json]

-xo, --export-overwrite

Overwrite -xf/–export-file if exists.

-xd, --export-delim <export_delim>

Change the cell delimiter for CSV format from the default of carriage return.

-is, --include-settings

Include settings in CSV export.

-ne, --no-error

Continue processing rows even if an error happens.

-w, --wait <wait>

Wait this many seconds before deleting [default: 30]

-de, --delete-entities

Delete information for this connection from associated assets.

-f, --force

Actually delete the connections.

-ss, --show-sources

Print the source commands that can be supplied as valid input to -r/–rows.

-r, --rows <rows>

The rows in JSON format to process as a file or via stdin. [default: -]