3.2.15. devices/users get-by-saved-query

This command will get assets returned from a saved query for users or devices. Output feeds

The output from this command is able to be supplied as input to these commands: Common Options

  • Connection Options for examples of supplying the Axonius credentials and URL.
  • Export Options for examples of exporting data in different formats and outputs.
  • Selecting Fields Examples for examples of selecting which fields (columns) to include in the response. The fields you supply for get-by-saved-query will be appended to the fields specified inside of the saved query. (added in 2.1.4) Help Page axonshell devices/users get-by-saved-query

Get assets from a saved query.

axonshell devices/users get-by-saved-query [OPTIONS]


-u, --url <url>

URL of Axonius instance. [required]

-k, --key <key>

API Key of user in Axonius instance. [required]

-s, --secret <secret>

API Secret of user in Axonius instance. [required]

-xf, --export-file <export_file>

Export to a file in export-path instead of printing to STDOUT. [default: ]

-xp, --export-path <export_path>

Path to create -xf/–export-file in (default is current working directory).

-xt, --export-format <export_format>

Format to use for STDOUT (or -xf/–export-file if supplied). [default: json]

-xo, --export-overwrite

Overwrite -xf/–export-file if exists.

-xd, --export-delim <export_delim>

Change the cell delimiter for CSV format from the default of carriage return.

-xtf, --export-table-format <export_table_format>

Format to use for –export-format ‘table’. [default: fancy_grid]

-f, --field <fields>

Fields (columns) to include in the format of adapter:field.

-fr, --field-regex <fields_regex>

Fields (columns) to include in the format of adapter:field (regex).

-mr, --max-rows <max_rows>

Only return this many rows.

-n, --name <name>

Name of saved query to get assets from. [required]