3.2.23. devices/users saved-query get-by-name

This command will get a saved query by name for users or devices. Common Options Help Page axonshell devices/users saved-query get-by-name

Get a saved query by name.

axonshell devices/users saved-query get-by-name [OPTIONS]


-u, --url <url>

URL of Axonius instance. [required]

-k, --key <key>

API Key of user in Axonius instance. [required]

-s, --secret <secret>

API Secret of user in Axonius instance. [required]

-xf, --export-file <export_file>

Export to a file in export-path instead of printing to STDOUT. [default: ]

-xp, --export-path <export_path>

Path to create -xf/–export-file in (default is current working directory).

-xt, --export-format <export_format>

Format to use for STDOUT (or -xf/–export-file if supplied). [default: json]

-xo, --export-overwrite

Overwrite -xf/–export-file if exists.

-xd, --export-delim <export_delim>

Change the cell delimiter for CSV format from the default of carriage return.

-vn, --value-not

Search for NOT –value.

-vx, --value-regex

Consider –value values as regular expressions.

-v, --value <value>

Name of saved query to get. [required]