Constants for adapters and adapter connections.

axonius_api_client.constants.adapters.CSV_ADAPTER: str = 'csv'

name of csv adapter

axonius_api_client.constants.adapters.CSV_FIELD_NAME: str = 'file_path'

Field name used by CSV adapter for file.

axonius_api_client.constants.adapters.CNX_SANE_DEFAULTS: Dict[str, dict] = {'all': {'verify_ssl': False}, 'csv': {'is_installed_sw': False, 'is_users': False, 's3_use_ec2_attached_instance_profile': False, 'verify_ssl': False}, 'json': {'is_installed_sw': False, 'is_users': False, 's3_use_ec2_attached_instance_profile': False, 'verify_ssl': False}}

Sane connection defaults for adapters.

axonius_api_client.constants.adapters.GENERIC_NAME: str = 'AdapterBase'

name of generic adapter advanced settings in adapter schemas

axonius_api_client.constants.adapters.DISCOVERY_NAME: str = 'DiscoverySchema'

name of discover adapter advanced settings in adapter schemas

axonius_api_client.constants.adapters.CONFIG_TYPES: List[str] = ['generic', 'specific', 'discovery']

valid names of types of adapter advanced settings

axonius_api_client.constants.adapters.CNX_GONE: str = 'Server is already gone, please try again after refreshing the page'

Message to print when an adapter connection disappears

axonius_api_client.constants.adapters.CNX_RETRY: int = 15

Number of times to retry fetching a connection