3.2.7. devices/users get-fields

This command will produce a report of all fields for users or devices. Common Options Help Page axonshell devices/users get-fields

Get the available fields (columns) for assets.

axonshell devices/users get-fields [OPTIONS]


-u, --url <url>

URL of an Axonius instance [required]

-k, --key <key>

API Key of user in an Axonius instance [required]

-s, --secret <secret>

API Secret of user in an Axonius instance [required]

-ar, --adapter-re <adapter_re>

Only fetch fields for adapters matching this regex [default: .*]

-fr, --field-re <field_re>

Only fetch fields matching this regex [default: .*]

-fk, --field-key <field_key>

Which field key to match against for –field-re [default: name_qual]

-xf, --export-format <export_format>

Control how much schema information to return [default: str]