Source code for axonius_api_client.auth.api_key

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Authentication via API key and API secret."""
from typing import List

from ..exceptions import AlreadyLoggedIn
from ..http import Http
from import strip_str
from .models import Mixins

[docs]class ApiKey(Mixins): """Authentication method using API key & API secret."""
[docs] def __init__(self, http: Http, key: str, secret: str, **kwargs): """Authenticate using API key & API secret. Args: http: HTTP client to use to send requests key: API key to use in credentials secret: API secret to use in credentials """ creds = {"key": strip_str(key), "secret": strip_str(secret)} super().__init__(http=http, creds=creds, **kwargs)
[docs] def login(self): """Login to API.""" if self.is_logged_in: raise AlreadyLoggedIn(f"Already logged in on {self}") self.http.session.headers["api-key"] = self._creds["key"] self.http.session.headers["api-secret"] = self._creds["secret"] self._validate() self._logged_in = True self.LOG.debug(f"Successfully logged in using {self._cred_fields}")
[docs] def logout(self): """Logout from API.""" super().logout()
@property def _cred_fields(self) -> List[str]: """Credential fields used by this auth model.""" return ["key", "secret"]
[docs] def _logout(self): """Logout from API.""" self._logged_in = False self.http.session.headers = {}