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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Base classes for data types."""
import dataclasses
import datetime
import enum
from typing import List

[docs]class BaseEnum(enum.Enum): """Base class for enums.""" def _generate_next_value_(name, *args): """Get the next enum value in iterators.""" return name def __str__(self): """Pass.""" return str(self.value)
[docs]@dataclasses.dataclass class BaseData: """Base class for dataclasses."""
[docs] def to_dict(self) -> dict: """Get this dataclass object as a dictionary.""" return dataclasses.asdict(self)
[docs] def replace(self, **kwargs) -> "BaseData": """Pass.""" return dataclasses.replace(self, **kwargs)
[docs] @staticmethod def _human_key(key): """Pass.""" return key.replace("_", " ").title()
[docs] @classmethod def get_fields(cls) -> List[dataclasses.Field]: """Get a list of fields defined for current this dataclass object.""" return dataclasses.fields(cls)
[docs]@dataclasses.dataclass class PropsData(BaseData): """Pass.""" raw: dict
[docs] def __str__(self): """Pass.""" return getattr(self, "_str_join", "\n").join(self.to_str_properties())
[docs] def __repr__(self): """Pass.""" return repr(self.__str__())
[docs] def to_str_properties(self) -> List[str]: """Pass.""" return [f"{self._human_key(x)}: {getattr(self, x)}" for x in self._properties]
[docs] def to_dict(self, dt_obj: bool = False) -> dict: """Pass.""" def get_val(prop): value = getattr(self, prop) if not dt_obj and isinstance(value, datetime.datetime): return str(value) return value ret = {k: get_val(k) for k in self._properties} return ret