API models

Constants for API models.

axonius_api_client.constants.api.SETTING_UNCHANGED: List[str] = ['unchanged']

used by REST API when supplying a password field that is the same in the database

axonius_api_client.constants.api.FIELD_TRIM_LEN: int = 32000

Default length to trim field values to

axonius_api_client.constants.api.FIELD_TRIM_STR: str = '...TRIMMED - {field_len} characters over {trim_len}'

String to append to trimmed field values

axonius_api_client.constants.api.FIELD_JOINER: str = '\n'

String to use to join field values that are lists

axonius_api_client.constants.api.TABLE_FORMAT: str = 'fancy_grid'

Default tablize export format.

axonius_api_client.constants.api.TABLE_MAX_ROWS: int = 5

Default row limit for tablize export

axonius_api_client.constants.api.MAX_PAGE_SIZE: int = 2000

maximum page size that REST API allows

axonius_api_client.constants.api.PAGE_SIZE: int = 2000

API wide default page size to use.

axonius_api_client.constants.api.PAGE_SLEEP: int = 0

API wide default number of seconds to sleep between in page.

axonius_api_client.constants.api.GUI_PAGE_SIZES: List[int] = [20, 50, 100]

valid page sizes for GUI page sizes for saved queries

axonius_api_client.constants.api.TIMEOUT_CONNECT: int = 5

seconds to wait for connection to API.

axonius_api_client.constants.api.TIMEOUT_RESPONSE: int = 900

seconds to wait for response from API.

axonius_api_client.constants.api.DEFAULT_CALLBACKS_CLS: str = 'base'

Default callback object to use

axonius_api_client.constants.api.COUNT_POLLING_ATTEMPTS: int = 1800

Number of attempts count will retry.

axonius_api_client.constants.api.COUNT_POLLING_SLEEP: int = 1

Number of seconds sleep will wait between attempts.

axonius_api_client.constants.api.AS_DATACLASS: bool = False

Global default for returning objects as dataclass instead of dict.

class axonius_api_client.constants.api.FolderDefaults[source]

Bases: object


all_objects: bool = False
confirm: bool = False
delete_subfolders: bool = False
delete_objects: bool = False
create: bool = False
create_action: bool = True
echo: bool = False
echo_action: bool = True
error_no_matches: bool = True
error_no_objects: bool = True
error_unmatched: bool = True
full_objects: bool = False
ignore_case: bool = True
include_details: bool = False
include_objects: bool = False
include_subfolders: bool = False
copy_prefix: str = 'Copy of'
pattern_prefix: str = '~'
prompt: bool = False
prompt_default: bool = False
prompt_shell: bool = True
query_type: str = 'devices'
recursive: bool = False
refresh: int = 60
refresh_action: bool = True
sep: str = '/'