3.2.26. tools shell

This command launches a python interactive shell session.

The python session will establish a connection to the Axonius instance as a client object and instantiate the API objects for devices, users, and adapters. Common Options Examples Help Page axonshell tools shell

Start an interactive python shell.

The shell will authenticate to Axonius, setup autocompletion, enable history, and create the following objects:

- axonapi: API Client package itself
- client/c: API Client connection object
- ctx: Click context object
- jdump/j: Helper function to pretty print python objects
  • activity_logs/al: Work with activity logs

  • adapters/a: Work with adapters and adapter connections

  • dashboard/db: Work with discovery cycle

  • dashboard_spaces/dbs: Work with dashboard spaces

  • data_scopes/ds: Work with data scopes

  • devices/d: Work with device assets

  • folders/f: Work with folders

  • instances/i: Work with instances

  • meta/m: Work with instance metadata

  • remote_support/rs: Work with configuring system remote support

  • settings_global/sgl: Work with Global system settings

  • settings_gui/sgu: Work with GUI system settings

  • settings_lifecycle/sl: Work with Lifecyle system settings

  • settings_ip/sip: Work with Identity Provider system settings

  • system_roles/sr: Work with system roles

  • system_users/su: Work with system users

  • users/u: Work with user assets

  • openapi/oas: Work with the OpenAPI specification file

  • vulnerabilities/v: Work with vulnerability assets

axonshell tools shell [OPTIONS]


-u, --url <URL>

Required URL of an Axonius instance

-k, --key <KEY>

Required API Key of user in an Axonius instance

-s, --secret <SECRET>

Required API Secret of user in an Axonius instance