3.2.26. tools shell

This command launches a python interactive shell session.

The python session will establish a connection to the Axonius instance as a client object and instantiate the API objects for devices, users, and adapters. Common Options Examples Help Page axonshell tools shell

axonshell tools shell [OPTIONS]


-u, --url <URL>

Required URL of an Axonius instance

-k, --key <KEY>

Required API Key (or username if credentials=True) of user in an Axonius instance

-s, --secret <SECRET>

Required API Secret (or password if credentials=True) of user in an Axonius instance

Local variables available:
  • axonapi: API client package itself

  • client/c: API Client connection object

  • ctx: Click context object

  • jdump/j: Helper function to pretty print python objects

  • j(HELP): this message

Local variables as shortcuts from client properties:
  • activity_logs/al: Work with activity logs

  • adapters/a: Work with adapters and adapter connections

  • dashboard/db: Work with discovery cycle

  • dashboard_spaces/dbs: Work with dashboard spaces

  • data_scopes/ds: Work with data scopes

  • devices/d: Work with device assets

  • folders/f: Work with folders

  • instances/i: Work with instances

  • meta/m: Work with instance metadata

  • remote_support/rs: Work with configuring system remote support

  • settings_global/sgl: Work with Global system settings

  • settings_gui/sgu: Work with GUI system settings

  • settings_lifecycle/sl: Work with lifecycle system settings

  • settings_ip/sip: Work with Identity Provider system settings

  • enforcements/e: Work with enforcements

  • system_roles/sr: Work with system roles

  • system_users/su: Work with system users

  • users/u: Work with user assets

  • openapi/oas: Work with the OpenAPI specification file

  • vulnerabilities/v: Work with vulnerability assets