4.7.6. Version metadata

Version information for this package.

axonius_api_client.version.VERSION: str = '5.0.17'

Version of package.

axonius_api_client.version.URL: str = 'https://github.com/Axonius/axonius_api_client'

URL of package.

axonius_api_client.version.AUTHOR: str = 'Axonius'

Auth of package.

axonius_api_client.version.TITLE: str = 'axonius_api_client'

Title of package.

axonius_api_client.version.PROJECT: str = 'axonius_api_client'

Name of package.

axonius_api_client.version.AUTHOR_EMAIL: str = 'support@axonius.com'

Author email of package.

axonius_api_client.version.DESCRIPTION: str = 'Axonius API client for Python'

Description of package.

axonius_api_client.version.DOCS: str = 'https://axonius-api-client.readthedocs.io/en/latest/'

Link to the documentation for this package.

axonius_api_client.version.LICENSE: str = 'MIT'

License of package.

axonius_api_client.version.COPYRIGHT: str = 'Copyright Axonius 2024'

Copyright of package.