3.4.2. Export Options

Commands return their data to STDOUT in JSON format by default. You can redirect STDOUT to a file in order to save the data.

$ axonshell adapters get > /tmp/example.json

$ # or pipe the STDOUT to another command
$ axonshell adapters get | jq '. | length'

However, almost all commands have a set of common options for controlling the export format and output of the data returned:

-xt <csv|json|table>, --export-format <csv|json|table>

Set the output format to JSON (the default), CSV or table.


Only user/devices commands starting with get support table format.


added table as an option in 2.2.0

-xtf, --export-table-format


added in 2.2.0

When using -xt / –export-format table, this controls the type of table that is produced.

The default table format is fancy_grid, but the tabulate package that provides this functionality exposes many different table formats:

  • fancy_grid

  • github

  • grid

  • html

  • jira

  • latex

  • latex_booktabs

  • latex_raw

  • mediawiki

  • moinmoin

  • orgtbl

  • pipe

  • plain

  • presto

  • psql

  • rst

  • simple

  • textile

  • tsv

  • youtrack

Quick example:

$ axonshell devices get --export-format table --export-table-format html
-xf <FILENAME>, --export-file <FILENAME>

Send the output to this file instead of STDOUT.


If you supply just a filename, it will be created in the directory supplied to -ep / –export-path.

Relative paths to a file will be resolved to an absolute path under -xp / –export-path.

You can also supply an absolute path to the file here and ignore the -xp / –export-path option entirely.

-xp <FILEPATH>, --export-path <FILEPATH>

When using -xf / –export-file, save it in this directory. Defaults to the current working directory.

-xo, --export-overwrite

When using -xf / –export-file, overwrite the file if it exists.

If a file exists and this flag is not supplied, the CLI will not overwrite the file and exit with an error.

-xd, --export-delim

When using -xt / –export-format csv or table, change the default delimiter used for joining multi-value cells.

The default delimiter for multi-value cells is \n.