Source code for axonius_api_client.parsers.fields

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Parsers for field schemas."""
import copy
from typing import List, Optional

from ..constants.fields import (
from import strip_left, strip_right

[docs]def parse_fields(raw: dict) -> dict: """Parse all generic and adapter specific fields. Args: raw: field schemas returned by :meth:`axonius_api_client.api.assets.fields.Fields._get` """ agg_fields: List[dict] = parse_schemas( adapter_name=AGG_ADAPTER_NAME, adapter_title=AGG_ADAPTER_TITLE, adapter_name_raw=f"{AGG_ADAPTER_NAME}_adapter", adapter_prefix="", all_field="specific_data", raw_fields=raw["generic"], ) agg_base_names: List[str] = [x["name_base"] for x in agg_fields] parsed = {} parsed[AGG_ADAPTER_NAME] = agg_fields for raw_name, raw_fields in raw["specific"].items(): # raw_name = aws_adapter prefix = f"adapters_data.{raw_name}" # prefix = adapters_data.aws_adapter name = strip_right(obj=raw_name, fix="_adapter") # name = aws title = " ".join(name.split("_")).title() fields = parse_schemas( adapter_name_raw=raw_name, adapter_name=name, adapter_prefix=prefix, adapter_title=title, all_field=prefix, raw_fields=raw_fields, agg_base_names=agg_base_names, ) parsed[name] = fields return parsed
[docs]def is_complex(field: dict) -> bool: """Determine if a field is complex from its schema. Args: field: field schema to parse """ field_type = field["type"] field_items = field.get("items", {}) if isinstance(field_items, dict): # pragma: no cover field_items_type = field_items.get("type") if field_type == "array" and field_items_type == "array": return True return False
[docs]def is_root(name: str, names: List[str]) -> bool: """Determine if a field is a root field. Args: name: name of current field names: names of all fields """ dots = name.split(".") return not (len(dots) > 1 and dots[0] in names)
[docs]def parse_complex(field: dict): """Parse a complex field schema. Args: field: complex field schema """ field["is_complex"] = is_complex(field=field) if field["is_complex"]: col_title = field["column_title"] col_name = field["column_name"] name_base = field["name_base"] prefix = field["adapter_prefix"] items = field["items"].pop("items") adapter_name = field["adapter_name"] adapter_name_raw = field["adapter_name_raw"] adapter_prefix = field["adapter_prefix"] adapter_title = field["adapter_title"] parent = field["name_qual"] expr_field_type = field["expr_field_type"] is_agg = field["is_agg"] field["sub_fields"] = sub_fields = [] field_names = [f["name"] for f in items] for sub_field in items: sub_title = sub_field["title"] sub_name = sub_field["name"] sub_name_base = f"{name_base}.{sub_name}" sub_name_qual = f"{prefix}.{sub_name_base}" sub_field["name_base"] = sub_name_base sub_field["name_qual"] = sub_name_qual sub_field["is_root"] = is_root(name=sub_name, names=field_names) sub_field["is_list"] = sub_field["type"] == "array" sub_field["parent"] = parent sub_field["adapter_name"] = adapter_name sub_field["adapter_name_raw"] = adapter_name_raw sub_field["adapter_prefix"] = adapter_prefix sub_field["adapter_title"] = adapter_title sub_field["column_title"] = f"{col_title}: {sub_title}" sub_field["column_name"] = f"{col_name}.{sub_name}" sub_field["is_agg"] = is_agg sub_field["expr_field_type"] = expr_field_type sub_field["is_details"] = field["is_details"] sub_field["is_all"] = False type_map = OperatorTypeMaps.get_type_map(field=sub_field) sub_field["type_norm"] = sub_field["selectable"] = True parse_complex(field=sub_field) sub_fields.append(sub_field)
[docs]def parse_schemas( adapter_name_raw: str, adapter_name: str, adapter_prefix: str, adapter_title: str, all_field: str, raw_fields: List[dict], agg_base_names: Optional[List[str]] = None, ) -> List[dict]: """Parse field schemas for an adapter. Args: adapter_name_raw: raw name of current adapter (aws_adapter) adapter_name: user-friendly name of current adapter (aws) adapter_prefix: fully qualified prefix of adapter ( or adapters_data.aws_adapter) adapter_title: user-friendly title of adapter all_field: name to use for all field schema raw_fields: raw unparsed fields for current adapter agg_base_names: used to determine if a field is aggregated or not """ agg_base_names = agg_base_names or [] is_agg = adapter_name == AGG_ADAPTER_NAME fields = [ { "adapter_name_raw": adapter_name_raw, "adapter_name": adapter_name, "adapter_title": adapter_title, "adapter_prefix": adapter_prefix, "column_name": f"{adapter_name}:{ALL_NAME}", "column_title": f"All {adapter_title} Data", "sub_fields": [], "is_complex": True, "is_list": True, "is_root": False, "parent": "root", "name": ALL_NAME, "name_base": ALL_NAME, "name_qual": all_field, "title": "All Adapter Specific Data", "type": "array", "type_norm": "array_object_object", "selectable": True, "is_agg": is_agg, "expr_field_type": AGG_EXPR_FIELD_TYPE, "is_details": False, "is_all": True, }, { "adapter_name_raw": adapter_name_raw, "adapter_name": adapter_name, "adapter_title": adapter_title, "adapter_prefix": adapter_prefix, "column_name": f"{adapter_name}:{RAW_NAME}", "column_title": f"{adapter_title} Raw Data", "sub_fields": [], "is_complex": True, "is_list": True, "is_root": False, "parent": "root", "name": f"{adapter_prefix}.{RAW_NAME}", "name_base": RAW_NAME, "name_qual": f"{adapter_prefix}.{RAW_NAME}", "title": "Adapter Raw Data", "type": "array", "type_norm": "array_object_object", "selectable": True, "is_agg": is_agg, "expr_field_type": AGG_EXPR_FIELD_TYPE, "is_details": False, "is_all": False, }, ] if is_agg: fields += [ { "adapter_name_raw": adapter_name_raw, "adapter_name": adapter_name, "adapter_title": adapter_title, "adapter_prefix": adapter_prefix, "column_name": f"{adapter_name}:unique_adapter_names_details", "column_title": "Unique Adapter Names Details Index", "sub_fields": [], "is_complex": False, "is_list": True, "is_root": True, "parent": "root", "name": "unique_adapter_names_details", "name_base": "unique_adapter_names_details", "name_qual": "unique_adapter_names_details", "title": "Unique Adapter Names Details Index", "type": "array", "type_norm": "array_string", "selectable": False, "is_agg": is_agg, "expr_field_type": AGG_EXPR_FIELD_TYPE, "is_details": True, "is_all": False, }, { "adapter_name_raw": adapter_name_raw, "adapter_name": adapter_name, "adapter_title": adapter_title, "adapter_prefix": adapter_prefix, "column_name": f"{adapter_name}:meta_data.client_used", "column_title": "Adapter Connection Details Index", "sub_fields": [], "is_complex": False, "is_list": True, "is_root": True, "parent": "root", "name": "meta_data.client_used", "name_base": "meta_data.client_used", "name_qual": "meta_data.client_used", "title": "Adapter Connection Details Index", "type": "array", "type_norm": "array_string", "selectable": False, "is_agg": is_agg, "expr_field_type": AGG_EXPR_FIELD_TYPE, "is_details": True, "is_all": False, }, { "adapter_name_raw": adapter_name_raw, "adapter_name": adapter_name, "adapter_title": adapter_title, "adapter_prefix": adapter_prefix, "column_name": f"{adapter_name}:adapter_asset_entities_info", "column_title": "Adapter Asset Entity Info", "sub_fields": [], "is_complex": False, "is_list": True, "is_root": True, "parent": "root", "name": "adapter_asset_entities_info", "name_base": "adapter_asset_entities_info", "name_qual": "adapter_asset_entities_info", "title": "Adapter Asset Entity Info", "type": "array", "type_norm": "array_string", "selectable": False, "is_agg": is_agg, "expr_field_type": AGG_EXPR_FIELD_TYPE, "is_details": True, "is_all": False, }, ] field_names = [strip_left(obj=f["name"], fix=adapter_prefix).strip(".") for f in raw_fields] for field in raw_fields: title = field["title"] name_base = strip_left(obj=field["name"], fix=adapter_prefix).strip(".") field["adapter_name"] = adapter_name field["adapter_title"] = adapter_title field["adapter_prefix"] = adapter_prefix field["adapter_name_raw"] = adapter_name_raw field["name_base"] = name_base field["name_qual"] = field["name"] field["is_root"] = is_root(name=name_base, names=field_names) field["is_list"] = field["type"] == "array" field["parent"] = "root" field["column_title"] = f"{adapter_title}: {title}" field["column_name"] = f"{adapter_name}:{name_base}" type_map = OperatorTypeMaps.get_type_map(field=field) field["type_norm"] = field["selectable"] = True field["is_agg"] = bool(agg_base_names) and name_base in agg_base_names field["is_details"] = False field["is_all"] = False if adapter_name == AGG_ADAPTER_NAME: field["expr_field_type"] = AGG_EXPR_FIELD_TYPE else: field["expr_field_type"] = adapter_name_raw parse_complex(field=field) fields.append(field) field_details = copy.deepcopy(field) field_details["name"] += "_details" field_details["name_base"] += "_details" field_details["name_qual"] += "_details" field_details["column_title"] += " Details" field_details["column_name"] += "_details" field_details["selectable"] = False field_details["is_details"] = True fields.append(field_details) return fields
[docs]def schema_custom(name: str, **kwargs) -> dict: """Create a custom field schema.""" unknown = kwargs.get("unknown", "custom") adapter_name = kwargs.get("adapter_name", unknown) adapter_name_raw = kwargs.get("adapter_name_raw", unknown) adapter_title = kwargs.get("adapter_title", unknown.capitalize()) adapter_prefix = kwargs.get("adapter_name_raw", unknown[:2]) title = name.capitalize() column_name = kwargs.get("column_name", f"{adapter_name}:{name}") column_title = kwargs.get("column_title", f"{adapter_title}: {title}") ftype = kwargs.get("type", "string") ftype_norm = kwargs.get("type_name", "string") return { "adapter_name_raw": adapter_name_raw, "adapter_name": adapter_name, "adapter_title": adapter_title, "adapter_prefix": adapter_prefix, "column_name": column_name, "column_title": column_title, "sub_fields": [], "is_complex": False, "is_list": False, "is_root": True, "parent": "root", "name": name, "name_base": name, "name_qual": name, "title": title, "type": ftype, "type_norm": ftype_norm, "selectable": False, "is_agg": False, "expr_field_type": "agg", "is_details": False, "is_all": False, }