With Query Using File

This does the following:

  • Since a query is supplied, this will only return device assets that match the query.

  • To avoid dealing with nested quoting and escapes in shells, we store the query in a file and supply that to –query-file.

  • Get device assets and include the generic field os.type.

$ axonshell devices get --query-file query.txt --field os.type --max-rows 4 Notes


This example works the same for both the devices get and users get commands.


When using CSV export, if a cells length goes beyond 32,000 characters it will be trimmed to 30,000 and the following text will be added at the end of the cell: ...TRIMMED - 500 items over max cell length 30000


If –query-file is supplied, it will override –query if that is also supplied.

See also

Shell Quoting Rules for how to deal with quoting the –query value in various shells.