With Query File And All Fields

This does the following:

  • Since a query is supplied, this will only return device assets that match the query.

  • To avoid dealing with nested quoting and escapes in shells, we store the query in a file and supply that to –query-file.

  • Get device assets and include all fields for all adapters.

$ axonshell devices get --query-file query.txt --field all --max-rows 3 Notes


This example works the same for both the devices get and users get commands.


When using CSV export, if a cells length goes beyond 32,000 characters it will be trimmed to 30,000 and the following text will be added at the end of the cell: ...TRIMMED - 500 items over max cell length 30000


If –query-file is supplied, it will override –query if that is also supplied.

See also

Shell Quoting Rules for how to deal with quoting the –query value in various shells.


Getting all fields is a very heavy call and should be used sparingly. It can take 2 to 5 times longer to fetch assets when including all fields!


The data returned by all fields is too complex for CSV format. You will see a column named specific_data that just says: Data of type list is too complex for CSV format